Moving Out of Your Storage Unit

People rent storage units for various reasons, and we know that many of them are short term. While we have enjoyed having you, we understand that it may be time for you to go. If that is the case, check out these tips on how to move out of a storage unit below!

woman moving boxes out of a storage unitNotify Us:
We understand life happens and things will sporadically pop up, but we ask that we are given at least a 5-day notice before you move out. This allows us to ensure all paperwork is together and everything is in place for you to move out. If you decide to stay, notify someone in the office to continue with your payment for the next month.

Don’t Leave Things Behind:
When moving out, be sure to double check your space to ensure you didn’t leave items behind. Unfortunately, if items remain after move out, your account will be charged a clean out fee based upon the contents left inside. Please consider donating items that you no longer want to a donation center.

Tidy Up:
We take pride in the condition of our self storage and boat or RV storage units. Picture how your storage unit looked when you moved in, and try to replicate that. Sweep the floors, remove any debris and bring any damage to the storage unit to our attention.

Be advised that if the lock remains and your unit is still occupied on your renewal day, your account will be charged for another month of rent. For additional details, please refer to your rental agreement.

From all of us at Access Storage, Thank You!

Thank you for storing with us! We hope your experience was a positive one, and you will store with us again in the future! For additional questions, contact us!

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