Why Choose Temperature-Controlled Storage Units?

When deciding between standard and temperature-controlled units when researching your storage solution, you might question what items should be stored in a controlled temperature environment. While some items don’t need the attention, other items such as furniture, electronics, photographs, appliances are recommended to be stored in a temperature-controlled unit.

What is the difference between standard and temperature-controlled units?

A temperature-controlled unit uses HVAC systems to control the temperature in the building while standard units do not. Throughout the year, the temperature-controlled units keep a controlled temp between 50 degrees in the winter & 80 degrees in the summer. The air conditioning unit helps prevent your items from being damaged by extreme temperatures.

When storing in a standard unit, the temperature can fluctuate and cause harm to some household items that you might be storing. A few examples of items that might be affected are electronics, vinyl records, wine, fine art & musical instruments & metal items.

Choosing temperature-controlled storage gives you peace of mind that your items are in a controlled temperature environment and have less likelihood of being damaged.

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