Why do I need a 5×10 Storage Unit?

How much space does a 5×10 storage unit give me?

50 square foot of space does not seem like much room, but when considering strategically stacking & organizing your items, one can do a lot with a small 5×10 or 10×10 storage unit. For example, are you repainting your house but have no place for your furniture & décor to go while in the process of completing your project?

Are you tired of tripping over the seasonal toys & equipment in your garage? The kids ride-on toys & push lawn mower along with the overabundance of basketballs, kick balls & other sports equipment can have a new home for winter in a standard 5×10 storage unit.

Did you buy a new bike or motorcycle that just does not fit right in the corner of your garage? A 5×10 unit is the perfect size to store those new toys.

The best reasons to use a 5×10 storage unit include:

  1. Temporarily remodeling a room in your home
  2. Making room for a nursery or new baby
  3. Eliminating the extra cost of having a garage for storage
  4. A child leaving or returning home from college
  5. Repurposing a room once your child has moved out
  6. Lawn Care tools & equipment to free up space in your garage
  7. Bikes & seasonal toys
  8. Motorcycles
  9. Luggage & seasonal décor