Storing Christmas Decorations

Now that Christmas & the new year has begun, it’s time to take down all those beautiful & bright Christmas decorations. Boxes, totes, & bags of holiday décor can take up a lot of space in your closets, basement, and attic space, limiting the amount of room you have for regularly used items. We highly consider using self-storage for your solution this year! Self-Storage will also limit the number of stairs you will have to climb for those using basement or attic storage spaces.


  1. Wrap lights around a coffee can, piece of cardboard or clothes hanger.
  2. Store wreaths in a large trash bag or it original box. If in a bag, be sure not to place something heavy on top so you don’t smash and damage the wreath. Another creative way to store wreath is using garment bags and hanging on a rack
  3. Organize ornaments creatively using the following items
    • Egg carton for the smaller ball ornaments
    • Drink tray from fast food restaurant
    • Plastic apple container for larger ball ornaments
    • Solo cups in plastic totes
    • Use coffee filters for packing
  4. An artificial tree, depending on size, takes up a lot of space. If the original box is not available, use totes to store the tree tips. Be sure to bend the branches back to minimize the amount of space it takes up. If you choose a larger tote, purchase one with wheels to make moving it much easier on you.