RV Storage Tips

Winter is quickly approaching, don’t wait to figure out your storage solution for your beloved summer home on wheels! When winter temperatures approach, taking the time to prepare your camper for low temperatures (under 32 degrees) is very important to help long-term protection of your investment.

Follow these tips:

  1. Drain the Water System – very important, any water left in the plumbing system can freeze and bust/break fittings & lines.
  2. Prep the Exterior – do a thorough inspecition of the roof, sides, seams, windows & doors to make sure there are no holes/cracks. If you find any, make sure you reseal with suggestions from your RV/Camper dealer to choose the correct sealant.
  3. Choose a Safe Location.
  4. Cover It – if your storage keeps your camper/rv outside, a suggestion is to use a cover that is made especially for your camper/rv.
  5. Save the Batteries – disconnect the batteries and store in a cool (not cold) & dry place. B
  6. Add Fuel Stabilizer – follow instructions per stabilizer purchased
  7. Pest Control – Be sure to remove all food & clean kitchen appliances. Place mouse traps throughout camper.
  8. Check on Stored Camper/RV Regularly