Reasons For Needing a Storage Unit

Top Reasons You Need a Storage Unit

There are all kinds of reason why someone might be in need of a storage unit. Here are 5 reasons why!!

  1. Whether you are selling/building/buying, a self storage unit is the answer to assist you with the transition while keeping everything organized & decluttered. When selling your home, staging the home and decluttering is very important. If you have sold your current home, but have yet to finish building your dream home, during the transition period of living with family or in an apartment, self storage is here for you!!
  2. Over the years, people accumulate so much stuff. Those items that are family heirlooms or treasured items from your childhood just can’t be thrown away, but you don’t have the room for them in your closet. A storage unit is your answer!
  3. SEASONAL ORGANIZATION – During the winter months, you need those scarves, gloves, boots, hats. Christmas decorations, but come summer, where do all those items go when you are limited on storage in your home?! Seasonal clothing, equipment (snow blowers, sleds, Christmas decorations) and summer toys & equipment can be out of your hair during the off season, while you need to bring back those summer rafts, pools, toys, & clothes!
  4. SUMMER BREAK – Are you in college and in between dorms & apartments, but don’t have the room at your parents or the equipment to haul it all the way home? Self Storage is here for you! Storing all furniture and accessories. Temporary month-to-month contracts is the perfect solution for during the summer months,
  5. BUSINESS/Commercial STORAGE. Keeping documents in a file cabinet might be taking up too much space in your office. Self Storage for all types of businesses can be your solution. While the internet and digital files are popular, many companies are still working on processing old documents to get caught up. Distribution businesses and service type of businesses can easily store their equipment & items needed rather than leasing a large/pricey space that might not be accessible 24 hours a day.

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