How to help prevent pests from being in Storage Unit

As a renter, you are responsible for pest control inside your unit. Access Storage does provide pest control in the common areas of the facility. Storage units full of cardboard & upholstery are more susceptible for rodents to make a “home” but if you take these precautions, you can lessen the possibility of having any trouble with pests & rodents in your storage unit.

  1. Consider using plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes to store your items in.
  2. DO NOT store any kind of food in your unit. This includes military kits, packaged & sealed food items. It is against our rental agreement.
  3. Clean kitchen appliances thoroughly before storing to make sure all food residue is removed.
  4. Use wood pallets to keep bins/boxes off the direct floor – this also allows for air flow
  5. Wrap plastic around upholstered furnitures & soft items like pillows, curtains etc that don’t fit in boxes. Pests love to destroy fabric and a layer of plastic will make it harder for them to damage your items
  6. Use pest deterrents – cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or lavender, cedar blocks are all natural pest deterrants – also set mouse traps throughout unit along the walls and near to door.
  7. Check on your unit regularly – leaving your unit unattended for months could lead to a big problem if pests do somehow get into your unit. We recommend checking on your unit every couple weeks and report and problem to facility manager.