How to Store? Plastic Bins or Cardboard Boxes

When storing items in a storage unit, there is no right or wrong answer as to what type of box you should use, however there are pros & cons to using both plastic & cardboard boxes. Depending on the length of stay in the storage unit, the type of weather you are moving in, the distance you are moving your items, and many other factors contribute to what type of box to use during storage.

Pros of using Cardboard:

  • The cost of using cardboard is significantly less than using plastic storage bins.
  • It is better for the environment, cardboard is biodegradable & can be easily recycled.
  • You can label boxes easily with a marker that won’t smear.
  • You save space. Cardboard boxes stack better & save you on space.
  • Typically cardboard boxes will weigh less than a plastic tote, making it easier to carry

Cons of using Cardboard:

  • Time: It takes time to put the boxes together
  • You need more supplies, heavy duty tape to be sure the boxes are sealed well
  • Durability, cardboard isn’t as strong as plastic, so you wont be able to stack boxes high
  • Cardboard boxes are easily damaged and you might not get use out of it after a move
  • Fragile items can be broken much easier in a cardboard box

Pros of using Plastic Tote:

  • Durable – plastic bins are much more durable and will keep your items safe during a move.
  • Reusable – there are many purposes for storage bins & can be used for a lifetime.
  • Comes in many colors – during a move you can strategically pack items based on color of tote & room/use of items. They also can be clear so you can see what all is in the box while moving.
  • Waterproof – will keep items safe if there is a flood or leak

Cons of using Plastic Tote:

  • Expensive – plastic totes are much more expensive than cardboard boxes.
  • Not environmentally friendly – unless you recycle them properly.
  • Takes up more room as they are not perfectly square.
  • Typically, will be much heavier when packing it with items making it harder to carry & move.