How to safely store a mattress in Storage

Whether storing a tradition spring mattress or memory foam, follow these tips.

  1. Remove all bedding from mattress – do not store with sheets & mattress covers still on.
  2. Clean the mattress with upholstery cleaner, let it dry & vacuum both sides.
  3. Wrap the mattress in a secure & breathable plastic cover. Secure with tape/rope – you can also purchase a mattress cover based on the size of mattress you are storing
  4. We suggest using a temperature-controlled unit to store upholstered/fabric items.
  5. Make sure to store the mattress flat – storing on its side can deform & make it fall out of its shape.
  6. DO NOT lay mattress directly on floor – use boxes inside unit or even the bed frame itself to set the mattress on if possible.
  7. Don’t place heavy items on top of the mattress as that could cause it to deform.