How to Store Tools

In order to keep your hand tools & power tools in good working order be sure to clean them routinely & store them properly. There are many different ways to store your tools, depending on your budget, space & preference. Read below on tips for storing your power tools & hand tools.

  1. Clean tools regularly – after each use be sure to wipe down the tool to remove any dust, moisture and dirt. Using a paintbrush to dust off all dirt/dust on the tools. Routinely be sure to wipe down with a cloth & oil to ensure the tool will last long term.
  2. Throw away any broken tools – when cleaning/maintaining tools, be sure to keep an eye out for rust & broken tools. This will make it easier to find the tools you want & also keep you safe while using your tools so you don’t use any broken tools, increasing your chances of having an accident.
  3. Storage Ideas for tools
    1. Peg Board – if you are limited on space, mounting a peg board to a wall is a good solution.
    2. Drawers – use drawer system to keep tools free of dust & dirt.
    3. Plastic Bins – if putting tools in self storage, place in plastic bins, adding a layer of protection against the tools & for easy handling and moving. Be sure to label the box so you can easily find tools you need while moving/remodeling your home.
    4. Use shelving to hold small hand tools & power tools.
  4. Never store tools near or on the ground – this will increase the likelihood of the tool getting damaged from other items being put on top of them
  5. For larger power tools be sure to follow the instructions to keep them clean & maintained, allowing for a long term use.