Garage Storage Tips to Prep for Winter

Before temperatures begin to drop below freezing, be sure to take the time to organize and prep your garage for winter! Doing so when the weather is still nice allows for a more pleasant experience rather than waiting until its now or never… follow these tips to declutter & “winterize” your garage.

  1. Declutter – Go through and organize all the gadgets, summer toys, equipment collected throughout the summer months. Typically the garage is the go to dump station of the house, taking the time to organize, throw & find a home for these items is important.
  2. Turn off the water and empty & store hoses – store hoses coiled without kinks to extend the life, purchase a reel to keep it on if you don’t already have one.
  3. Remove the following items from the garage
    1. Paint, cleaning products & household chemicals
    2. Electronics – condensation and damage them
    3. Clothing/Linens – pest nests – make sure they are in sealed bags if you do keep any blankets/cloths in garage
  4. Make better use of wall space – this will allow for more room for your vehicles and will help with keeping things organized once spring and summer are back in full swing!
  5. Prepare lawncare/landscaping tools for winter storage – clean, sharpen and put away tools your wont be needing until March or April! For lawncare, make sure to winterize & consider end of season tune-up so when spring is here, you have one less thin to worry about!
  6. Remember to bring out all of your winter equipment – make a “home” for it in the garage so its ready when needed!