Storing at College Dorm or Apartment

If you are living on campus or in an apartment during the school year, a small storage unit can optimize your living space, keep your belongings safe and secure, and even expand your closet size. When you’re away on breaks, you can transform the extra space into a home for your belongings during the summer. By doing so, you can eliminate lugging all your things back home and watching them sit in a pile until you’re ready to lug them back up to school.

Here’s some ideas of what you can store:

  1. Extra clothes, textbooks, supplies, sporting equipment.
  2. Valuables you don’t want to get stolen or “borrowed”
  3. Mini fridge, futon, microwave, desk, chair, mirror, Keurig, etc.
  4. Bed & mattress, couch, table & chairs, blender, dresser, nightstand, etc.