How to choose the right size of storage unit

Trying to figure out what size unit you are needing can be a struggle. We suggest using this guide to estimate how large of a unit you will need. We also do offer you to gain temporary access with a facility manager to view a unit in person if you think seeing the size in person would help you.

Access Storage Now Huntingburg IN Drive Up Storage Units

25-99 sq ft – Large Closet

1 small room of furniture and/or items such as boxes, desks, chairs, bookcases, beds, mattresses, dressers. Choose our 5×5, 5×10, 15×5 or 7×12 storage unit.

100-199 sq ft – Small Bedroom

2-4 rooms of furniture and/or items such as sofas, TVs, dining sets, tables, pianos. Choose our 10×10, 12×10, or 10×15 storage unit.

200-299 sq ft – Single Car Garage

5-7 rooms of furniture and/or items such as appliances and outdoor furniture. Choose our 10×20 or 10×25 storage unit.

300+ sq ft – 2 Car Garage

Multiple rooms of furniture and/or contents of an average to large-sized home and/or garage items. Boat and RV storage. Choose our 12×25 or 10×30 sized storage unit.