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How to help prevent pests from being in Storage Unit

As a renter, you are responsible for pest control inside your unit. Access Storage does provide pest control in the common areas of the facility. Storage units full of cardboard & upholstery

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Garage Storage Tips to Prep for Winter

Before temperatures begin to drop below freezing, be sure to take the time to organize and prep your garage for winter! Doing so when the weather is still nice allows for a

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RV Storage Tips

Winter is quickly approaching, don’t wait to figure out your storage solution for your beloved summer home on wheels! When winter temperatures approach, taking the time to prepare your camper for low

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Boat Storage Tips

Summer is quickly and sadly coming to an end, have you decided on your winter storage solution? If not properly taken care of prior to winter storage, one can inadvertently cause damage

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Tips for Staging a Home for a Showing

5 Tips on Staging a House for a Showing

Make a plan for Showing. More often than you would like, you will receive a last minute notice that someone is interested

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The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items

When moving or renovating, packing up fragile items can always be tricky. To avoid your items from breaking, be sure to have these materials handy to assist with your packing.


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Tips to Plan & Prep a Home to Sell

Looking to Sell your Indiana Home?
Are you considering selling your house? If the answer yes, make sure you plan and prepare to reduce the amount of stress moving can cause. Reaching

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Reasons For Needing a Storage Unit

Top Reasons You Need a Storage Unit
There are all kinds of reason why someone might be in need of a storage unit. Here are 5 reasons why!!

Whether you are

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Storage Do’s & Dont’s

Tenant Property Protection
Protecting your property is YOUR responsibility. Access Storage does not insure your belongings in your storage unit and is not responsible for loss or damage to your property and

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Why Choose Temperature-Controlled Storage Units?

When deciding between standard and temperature-controlled units when researching your storage solution, you might question what items should be stored in a controlled temperature environment. While some items don’t need the attention,

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